The most advanced Concrete Blocks on the market.

Betonblock interlocking concrete blocks are a “lego-style”, stackable building material suitable for both temporary and permanent structures.

Delivering Interlocking Concrete Blocks to Northern & Central California




About Betonblocks

What is Betonblock?

Betonblock is a custom-manufactured, interlocking concrete block used in mortarless construction. Uses for the interlocking block range from retaining walls for the storage of raw materials and golf course/landscaping projects to applications in law enforcement with redirecting explosive blasts.

But Betonblock interlocking concrete blocks aren’t limited to just a handfull of applications. Betonblocks can be utilized in any project that requires a free-standing structure such as walls, steps, and more. Using a patented 8-point interlocking system for mortarless construction, the Betonblock is ideal for quick construction.


Betonblocks weigh between 2,000 lbs. and 4,000 lbs., depending on dimensions. These interlocking concrete blocks come in multiple sizes including (but not limited to) 2 ft. X 2 ft. X 6 ft., 2.5 ft. X 2.5 ft. X 5 ft., and can be stacked without vertical limits. Traditional V-blocks are limited vertically at 3 high (6 ft.).

Why Buy From Hanford?

Betonblocks are made locally from only the highest-quality concrete mix, specially blended by Hanford Sand & Gravel Inc. For over forty years Hanford Sand & Gravel has been a rock-solid name in the concrete business.

How can I place an order?

You can get your Betonblock interlocking concrete blocks in 2x2x6 and 2.5×2.5×5. 2x2x6 V-blocks are also available. We ship in batches of 15 blocks per truck and offer next-day, freight shipping*.

Call us to place an order and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

*   If in-stock, Betonblocks ordered in the morning are shipped in the afternoon on the next business day. Each batch of 60 Betonblocks requires 10 days to complete, if not currently in-stock.